This is a common question we get, and it is at the heart of the LiveSentinel Service--when do we intervene, and how do we do so.

We address these questions in detail in our Standard Operating Procedure FAQ's, but here is a high-level summary:

  1. The Deep Sentinel camera and hub first are triggered by motion and identify potentially suspicious behavior--for example a person loitering in front of your front door.
  2. The LiveSentinel agents determine is this behavior potentially criminal trespass, theft, burglary, breaking and entering, or attempted breaking and entering? Is the person exhibiting any behavior that is out of the ordinary for a homeowner--for example running to the front porch and grabbing a package, or carrying an object that might be a weapon, or are they staying at the front door longer than would be expected from a solicitor.
    If, for example, it is a door-to-door solicitor, while annoying, our standard operating procedure is not to intervene unless the person attempts to open the window/door, starts peeking into the windows/doors or appears to be preparing to steal property.
  3. The LiveSentinel agent is then trained to react to these situations. We have 2 core protocols of response: our "HELLO" protocol and our "STOP" Protocol. 
    1. The HELLO Protocol: If the person in question is doing something questionable and suspicious but not clearly criminal, we will use a military strategy made famous by Ronald Reagan called "Trust but Verify". This means that the LiveSentinel agent will not assume this person is criminal and will treat them respectfully, opening up a dialog starting with "Hello, this is Deep Sentinel Security," but we will also not let this person continue engaging in this behavior unless we can verify they are supposed to be there.
    2. The STOP Protocol: This is exactly what it sounds like. The STOP protocol means that our agents are confident beyond a shadow of a doubt that this person is engaging in behavior threatening your home, your property, or your family. The first thing a suspected intruder will hear will be the agent shouting "STOP". Depending on how the person responds, the LiveSentinel agents are trained to respond to hopefully de-escalate the situation, but they have everything at their disposal to protect you and your home: lights, a full home alarm + siren, or immediate law enforcement escalation (1-click away in our proprietary LiveSentinel dashboard). Every one of our agents is trained in Law Enforcement dispatch communication to ensure that your situation is clearly prioritized by local law enforcement--and because Deep Sentinel is not a burglar alarm, we can tell your local law enforcement agency the exact details of the situation: a description of the suspect, their suspicious behavior, and a real-time, moment-by-moment update on the crime in progress.