The system works with 3 key components:

Motion triggered cameras

Using PIR (Passive InfraRed) equipped cameras that wake in under 250 milliseconds, the motion detection system will detect heat/infrared light from objects in its view and immediately activate the hub to determine if there is a threat. Our cameras were designed in-house to be rugged (IP65 weatherproof), to be lightning-fast (as much as 5x faster than Nest or Ring cameras) and to have long-lasting batteries (3x that of other leading wire-free cameras).

The Security Industry's ONLY intelligent hub

The hub, which runs inside your home, uses an advanced AI, which is tuned to identify potentially suspicious behavior. If a threat is detected, the system will contact our LiveSentinel Surveillance agents. This hub uses Qualcomm's smart chip, the Snapdragon 820, which is the brains behind millions of Samsung Galaxy phones. It has a special set of chips, called a DSP and GPU that enable our API to run faster and smarter than anyone else in the world. Also because we include 64GB of storage on the hub, we can offer a level of security and privacy that no cloud-based camera could ever touch.

The LiveSentinel security agents

When a threat is detected, an alert is sent to our LiveSentinel agents. Our agents are trained to identify behavior indicating a person's intent to commit a crime such as theft, burglary or worse. If they deem the behavior to be suspicious, they intervene immediately.

This unique combination means we can intervene faster, better, and with no false alarms.

This entire sequence of events happens in under 10 seconds--enabling us to intervene before a crime occurs.