Speed is critically important in a situation where someone might be about to break into your home. We’ve tuned each of the key components of the system for speed:

The Smart Camera

The Deep Sentinel camera is as much as 5x faster than some of the most popular cameras on the market (Ring and Arlo). We do this by identifying motion in the camera’s field of view faster and more aggressively than any other cameras on the market. A traditional camera would then have a ton of false alerts, but because our hub (see the next section!) is intelligent, the camera’s only key job is to quickly identify motion and immediately start streaming a live feed to the hub.

The Smart Hub

Our hub is designed to ingest live video feeds and quickly determine if there is a potential threat to the home. Unlike a traditional “Dumb” hub, the Deep Sentinel hub is home to a little powerhouse: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip. Used by many smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy, this chip is literally a little computer. As soon as a live feed comes  in from a camera, the hub instantly analyzes the video using its high-speed Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) to analyze up to 10 frames per second to identify people and threatening behavior.

The Smart Surveillance 

Unlike a traditional home security camera, which send tons and tons of noisy notifications and keep you on the edge, Deep Sentinel doesn’t wait for a user to click “Live View” or open up their cameras. Our LiveSentinel agents are on point 24/7 ready to analyze the live feeds from the outside of our customers’ homes. Within 5 seconds, the live feed from your home goes from the camera, to the hub, and up to one of our secure LiveSentinel surveillance stations. LiveSentinel agents are trained to review live feeds of behavior and identify suspicious behavior in less than 10 seconds. They go through dozens of hours of training, reviewing criminal situations (like burglaries and thefts) and non-criminal situations (kids returning from school, solicitors).

Our goal is to intervene in any intrusion within 20 seconds.

This is faster than it takes for most people to click on the notification from their smart cameras and even start live streaming.