The new model of home security is being pioneered and built by Deep Sentinel. It combines smart cameras with AI and live surveillance agents to do 3 key things:

  1. It identifies potential intruders before they enter your home

  2. It actively deters and intervenes before intruders enter your home by shouting STOP before a crime has occurred

  3. It removes false alarms when alerting homeowners and law enforcement

Deep Sentinel has set out to solve all three of these key home security objectives and to do so at a reasonable price. We had to build out our own solution using the most advanced technology available, and we had to train a completely new type of “virtual security guard” or surveillance agent to arm this.


First, our smart cameras are designed to detect motion around your home within seconds. Using PIR (Passive InfraRed) technology, they start streaming video in under 250 milliseconds.

The cameras send the video to our smart hub where cutting edge Computer Vision and AI technologies separate the noise from people and real threats. This sequence of events also happens within seconds.

When a threat is detected, that stream is immediately redirected from the AI to Deep Sentinel’s LiveSentinel Center. LiveSentinel agents then determine if the person is a member of your household returning home, a potential break-in or a solicitor.

LiveSentinel agents then intervene in real time on your behalf if necessary. This can range from simply verifying the identity of the person, to requesting an intruder leave the property up to shouting STOP and demanding the intruder leave or calling law enforcement.  (You can read more about the ways LiveSentinel agents intervene).

No more false alarms disturbing your neighbors and stealing resources from the Police.

No more getting anxious through your day as hundreds of notifications come pouring over your camera app.

You’re not a security guard. LiveSentinels™ are.