Our system  is made to be easily installed, without any professional help. We’ve spent months tuning the installation process with dozens of different families to make such a powerful system as easy as possible to install.

That said, we recognize not everyone feels comfortable or excited to do this. And that’s why we are partnering with Handy to provide professional installation for those who want it (you can learn more about our partner Handy on their website www.handy.com). Or, if you have a preferred installer you’ve used before, they should be easily able to follow our instructions and instructional videos to be up and going in no time.

Finally, if you want an even more custom solution tailored to your needs, we are happy to help and see what we can do. Simply make a call   to  our Customer Care department  at 833-983-6006.   We  would love to hear  from you  and find a way to help you in solving your installation challenges.