Deep Sentinel engineers have taught AI to look for a very limited set of behaviors, to help cut down on false alerts. For example, if the camera’s motion sensor senses an American flag waving on your porch, the AI will be able to tell that the object is not a suspicious potential burglar and tell the camera to go back to sleep awaiting the next motion. 

In other words, the Deep Sentinel AI does one thing and one thing only--it helps the Deep Sentinel system focus attention only on people exhibiting suspicious behavior near your home. The Deep Sentinel System uses this to improve the battery life of the cameras, to reduce the number of events reviewed by our LiveSentinel agents, and it is ultimately a secret weapon for Deep Sentinel to price our service  at only $49/month.

While $49/month may seem like a lot, celebrities pay as much as $3,000, $5,000 or even more each month to have the same type of remote video surveillance Deep Sentinel is offering. Our goal is to make this effective type of home security affordable for all Americans. Our proprietary AI is key to making that possible.