What is LiveSentinel? What is Smart Home Surveillance?
We’re the first and only company to offer a service of internet connected security guards we call “Virtual Security Guards” or LiveSentinels that protect your home 24/7. Many are retired law enforcement officers who want to continue their service to protecting fellow citizens. In addition, they are trained for dozens of hours on best practices to review and respond to situations ranging from teenagers hanging around your home to burglars trying to break in. Deep Sentinel’s LiveSentinels are trained to intervene if there is an obvious crime, yelling STOP to stop intruders in their tracks at your property line. And they are there 24/7 so you can use your smartphone for more enjoyable apps instead of constantly dismissing the alerts “you have motion in your Front Yard”.

Unlike other systems, LiveSentinels  can contact the authorities in as little as 11 seconds whereas with other systems, the customer must contact police themselves, or the alarm company can spend up to 8 minutes verifying a break-in before police are called. With Smart Home Surveillance, you can breathe easy knowing Deep Sentinel always has your back. 

There are certainly instances where consumers have used these motion-detecting cameras to self-monitor their home and have prevented crimes themselves (for example,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq4bMD2aMc4 ), but there are two key problems with this:

  1. Unfortunately there are MANY more examples (hundreds of times more) of people calling the police hours or days after a crime, asking if they can use the video they captured of a thief. Unfortunately if the police don’t know this criminal already, there is very little that can be done after-the-fact.

  2. Constantly watching your smartphone for alerts is just not sustainable. Very few people have the time or energy to check every single alert from their home cameras in time to deter or prevent a crime. Recent research is indicating that even trying to do so is bad for your mental health (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5794435/Smartphone-notifications-alter-brain-chemistry-make-feel-anxious-stressed.html