When a LiveSentinel agent views a potential security event they determine the appropriate response based on very clear Standard Operating Procedures. Each agent receives over 20 hours of training before beginning surveillance, and receives weekly and monthly training ongoing for the entire period of their service.

An agent may choose from 4 responses to an event:

  • Dismissed: Reviewed by a LiveSentinel agent and confirmed to be innocuous behavior.

  • Inspected: Reviewed by a LiveSentinel agent, and that agent identified potentially suspicious behavior. The agent then can view the feed for a prolonged period of time, or may zoom into the cameras to inspect the behavior more closely.

  • HELLO: After review, the LiveSentinel agent determined that the observed behavior was not clearly criminal, but was concerning enough to engage using 2-way audio. This might be, for example, a solicitor ringing the doorbell, but then not leaving for 2 minutes.

  • STOP: The LiveSentinel agent determined that a crime was in progress and enacted the STOP protocol--demanding that the behavior stop and potentially contacting law enforcement.